Hotel and conference centre Elzenveld in the heart of Historic Antwerp


About Hotel Elzenveld in Antwerp

For centuries Elzenveld used to be a hospital. However, since its award winning restauration in 1988 it is known as one of the most beautiful and unique conference centers in the Benelux. 


Welcome in the Cultural Conference Center Elzenveld !


Whether you are looking to organize a seminar, business event or a celebration, here in Conference Center Elzenveld your event will mix perfectly with our exclusive blend of historical and contemporary art and architecture. 


Stop by and discover our secluded haven of peace and quiet for yourself. 

Whatever activity you organize, the Elzenveld Conference Center  is your partner in Exclusivity ! Contact us !  

Hotel in the center of Antwerp

Are you looking for a hotel in the center of Antwerp. Our cultural conference center Elzenveld has a lot to offer. We have different rooms and appartements assuring you a pleasant stay in Antwerp. All our rooms have al modern facilities.


The surrounding buildings offer you peace and silence in the middle of our busy city. It is a perfect mixture of historical and contemporary architecture. In our congres center a lot of seminars, parties or cultural activities are organised, so Elzenveld has a lot more to offer than al other hotels in Antwerp.


Feel free to contact us for more information!

Conference centre in Antwerp

Conference centre in Antwerp

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